Executing IAP

This section describes the steps to use GUI for running the IAP demo. The GUI is used to perform the following:
Follow these steps to run the demo:
  1. 1.Ensure that the hardware is setup as described in Setting Up the Hardware.
  2. 2.Power ON the PolarFire Evaluation board by sliding the SW3 switch.
  3. 3.On the host PC, launch the GUI. Before connecting to the PolarFire Evaluation board, the GUI shows the default values of the image size as 6183952 Bytes and target version number fields as 0. The GUI title also remains in grey colour, as shown in the following figure.
    Figure 1. GUI Before Connection
    The GUI automatically detects the COM port and establishes a serial connection. After the PolarFire Evaluation board is connected, the GUI confirms the connection changing the GUI title to blue color. Also, the Target Version is updated with the actual target version number. The default image size is 6183952 Bytes. After connecting, the GUI switches to the IAP mode as shown in the following figure.
    Figure 2. GUI After Connection
  4. 4.Select the Image Transfer option and click Initiate to start the transfer of the IAP image to the SPI Flash of IAP Target. The image transfer status is displayed as shown in the following figures.
    Figure 3. Image Transfer Progress
    Figure 4. Image Transfer Complete
  5. 5.Select Authentication IAP Image and click Initiate to start the authentication of the IAP image by IAP Target.
    When Authentication IAP Image is selected, IAP Initiator sends appropriate commands to initiate the authentication process at IAP Target’s end. The authentication status is displayed as shown in the following figures.
    Figure 5. Authenticating IAP Image
    Figure 6. Authentication Successful
    Note: Authentication can be selected only after the completion of Image Transfer showing a green tick.
  6. 6.Select the Program the Image option and click Initiate. IAP Initiator sends the appropriate command to IAP Target device to initiate the IAP sequence. The programming progress is displayed as shown in the following figure.
    Figure 7. Programming Status
    Note: The Program the Image command can only be selected along with Authenticate IAP Image command.
    The execution time and updated target version are displayed as status, see the following figure.
    Figure 8. Programming Successful
  7. 7.To run all the three IAP commands in sequence, enable the Select All check box and click initiate.

This concludes executing IAP. See the next section to execute data loopback.