Verifying Correct Driver Installation

To verify the correct installation of the driver, disconnect and reconnect SAM-ICE to the USB port. During the enumeration process, which takes about 2 seconds, the LED on SAM-ICE is flashing. After successful enumeration, the LED stays on permanently.

Start the provided sample application JLink.exe. JLink.exe should display the build date of the SAM-ICE firmware, the serial number, a target voltage of 0.000V if a target is not connected to SAM-ICE, and the speed selection. See the screen-shot below.

In addition to this you may verify the driver installation by consulting the Windows device manager. If the driver is installed and your SAM-ICE is connected to your computer, the device manager should list the J-Link driver as a node below "Universal Serial Bus controllers", as shown in the following screen-shot:

A right-click on the driver opens a context menu, which contains the item “Properties”. If you select this item, a new dialog is opened and should report: “This device is working properly”.