Demonstration/Development Boards, Evaluation Kits, and Starter Kits

A wide variety of demonstration, development and evaluation boards for various PIC MCUs and dsPIC DSCs allows quick application development on fully functional systems. Most boards include prototyping areas for adding custom circuitry and provide application firmware and source code for examination and modification.

The boards support a variety of features, including LEDs, temperature sensors, switches, speakers, RS-232 interfaces, LCD displays, potentiometers and additional EEPROM memory.

The demonstration and development boards can be used in teaching environments, for prototyping custom circuits and for learning about various microcontroller applications.

In addition to the PICDEM™ and dsPICDEM™ demonstration/development board series of circuits, Microchip has a line of evaluation kits and demonstration software for analog filter design, KeeLoq® security ICs, CAN, IrDA®, PowerSmart battery management, SEEVAL® evaluation system, Sigma-Delta ADC, flow rate sensing, plus many more.

Also available are starter kits that contain everything needed to experience the specified device. This usually includes a single application and debug capability, all on one board.

Check the Microchip web page ( for the complete list of demonstration, development and evaluation kits.