INTn Pin Interrupts

PIC18(L)F27/47K40 devices have 3 external interrupt sources which can be assigned to any pin on PORTA and PORTB using PPS. The external interrupt sources are edge-triggered. If the corresponding INTxEDG bit in the INTCON register is set (= 1), the interrupt is triggered by a rising edge. It the bit is clear, the trigger is on the falling edge.

All external interrupts (INT0, INT1, INT2) can wake-up the processor from Idle or Sleep modes if bit INTxE was set prior to going into those modes. If the Global Interrupt Enable bit (GIE/GIEH) is set, the processor will branch to the interrupt vector following wake-up.

Interrupt priority is determined by the value contained in the corresponding interrupt priority bit (INT0P, INT1P, INT2P) of the IPR0 register.