MPLAB XC Compilers

The MPLAB XC Compilers are complete ANSI C compilers for all of Microchip’s 8, 16, and 32-bit MCU and DSC devices. These compilers provide powerful integration capabilities, superior code optimization and ease of use. MPLAB XC Compilers run on Windows, Linux or MAC OS X.

For easy source level debugging, the compilers provide debug information that is optimized to the MPLAB X IDE.

The free MPLAB XC Compiler editions support all devices and commands, with no time or memory restrictions, and offer sufficient code optimization for most applications.

MPLAB XC Compilers include an assembler, linker and utilities. The assembler generates relocatable object files that can then be archived or linked with other relocatable object files and archives to create an executable file. MPLAB XC Compiler uses the assembler to produce its object file. Notable features of the assembler include: