SPI Operation in Sleep Mode

In SPI Master mode, module clocks may be operating at a different speed than when in Full-Power mode; in the case of the Sleep mode, all clocks are halted.

Special care must be taken by the user when the MSSP clock is much faster than the system clock.

In Slave mode, when MSSP interrupts are enabled, after the master completes sending data, an MSSP interrupt will wake the controller from Sleep.

If an exit from Sleep mode is not desired, MSSP interrupts should be disabled.

In SPI Master mode, when the Sleep mode is selected, all module clocks are halted and the transmission/reception will remain in that state until the device wakes. After the device returns to Run mode, the module will resume transmitting and receiving data.

In SPI Slave mode, the SPI Transmit/Receive Shift register operates asynchronously to the device. This allows the device to be placed in Sleep mode and data to be shifted into the SPI Transmit/Receive Shift register. When all eight bits have been received, the MSSP interrupt flag bit will be set and if enabled, will wake the device.