MPLAB X Integrated Development Environment Software

The MPLAB X IDE is a single, unified graphical user interface for Microchip and third-party software, and hardware development tool that runs on Windows®, Linux and Mac OS® X. Based on the NetBeans IDE, MPLAB X IDE is an entirely new IDE with a host of free software components and plug-ins for high-performance application development and debugging. Moving between tools and upgrading from software simulators to hardware debugging and programming tools is simple with the seamless user interface.

With complete project management, visual call graphs, a configurable watch window and a feature-rich editor that includes code completion and context menus, MPLAB X IDE is flexible and friendly enough for new users. With the ability to support multiple tools on multiple projects with simultaneous debugging, MPLAB X IDE is also suitable for the needs of experienced users.

Feature-Rich Editor:

User-Friendly, Customizable Interface:

Project-Based Workspaces:

File History and Bug Tracking: