Auto-Conversion Trigger

The Auto-conversion Trigger allows periodic ADC measurements without software intervention. When a rising edge of the selected source occurs, the ADGO bit is set by hardware.

The Auto-conversion Trigger source is selected with the ADACT bits.

Using the Auto-conversion Trigger does not assure proper ADC timing. It is the user’s responsibility to ensure that the ADC timing requirements are met. See the following table for auto-conversion sources.

Table 1. ADC Auto-Conversion Trigger Sources
ADACT Auto-conversioin Trigger Source
11111 Software write to ADPCH
11110 Reserved, do not use
11101 Software read of ADRESH
11100 Software read of ADERRH
10000 to 11011 Reserved, do not use
01111 Interrupt-on-change Interrupt Flag
01110 C2_out
01101 C1_out
01100 PWM4_out
01011 PWM3_out
01010 CCP2_trigger
01001 CCP1_trigger
01000 TMR6_postscaled
00111 TMR5_overflow
00110 TMR4_postscaled
00101 TMR3_overflow
00100 TMR2_postscaled
00011 TMR1_overflow
00010 TMR0_overflow
00001 Pin selected by ADACTPPS
00000 External Trigger Disabled