Threshold Comparison

At the end of each computation:

  1. 1.The threshold tests are signed operations.
  2. 2.If ADAOV is set, a threshold interrupt is signaled. It is good practice for threshold interrupt handlers to verify the validity of the threshold by checking ADAOV.
Table 1. ADC Error Calculation Mode
ADCALC ADERR Application
ADDSEN = 0 Single-Sample Mode ADDSEN = 1 CVD Double-Sample Mode(1)
111 ADFLTR ADFLTR Filtered results above or below the threshold.
110 ADRES ADRES Measurement above or below the threshold
101 ADLFTR-ADSTPT ADFLTR-ADSTPT Average/filtered value vs. setpoint
100 ADPREV-ADFLTR ADPREV-ADFLTR First derivative of filtered value(3) (negative)
011 Reserved Reserved Reserved
010 ADRES-ADFLTR (ADRES-ADPREV)-ADFLTR Actual result vs. averaged/filtered value
001 ADRES-ADSTPT (ADRES-ADPREV)-ADSTPT Actual result vs.setpoint
000 ADRES-ADPREV ADRES-ADPREV First derivative of single measurement(2)
Actual CVD result(1,2)
  1. 1.When ADDSEN=1, ADERR is computed only after every second sample.
  2. 2.When ADPSIS = 0.
  3. 3.When ADPSIS = 1.