Functional Safety Field Engagement Board Overview

The Functional Safety Field Engagement Board (FSFEB) demonstrates some of the safety and reliability features available on the tinyAVR 1-series devices. FSFEB is divided into five main sections, and each section has LEDs that show the current status to the user. All status LEDs, except for the four LEDs on the Operating Voltage section, are connected to ATtiny3217, and they are updated using Charlieplexing. A separate application heartbeat LED is showing that ATtiny3217 is operational and running the application. In addition, the application is running Class B code to test various systems in order to detect failures during start-up and run-time. To control the operating voltage of the board, and the corresponding LEDs, FSFEB also features a board controller MCU. This MCU is an ATtiny1617.
Figure 1. Functional Safety Field Engagement Board (FSFEB)

The following features are shown on FSFEB:

The following support features are needed on FSFEB:

Figure 2 shows a block diagram of FSFEB and how ATtiny3217 is connected to the mEDBG and the board controller.

Figure 2. Functional Safety Block Diagram

The core and various peripherals can run on a variety of clocks. Figure 3 shows how the system is clocked.

Figure 3. Clock System Overview