Update Application in Atmel Studio

Todo: Update driver_isr.c to replace the ISR(ADC0_RESRDY_vect) routine with the ISR(ADC0_WCOMP_vect) routine.
Following the red markings in Figure 1:
  1. 1.Replace the ISR(ADC0_RESRDY_vect) function by the ISR(ADC0_WCOMP_vect) function.
  2. 2.Replace the interrupt flag source ADC_RESRDY_bm by ADC_WCMP_bm.
Figure 1. Driver_isr.c Updates
Program the device by clicking Debug → Start without Debugging on the top menu window or by using the Ctrl+Alt+F5 shortcut.
Info: Start Without Debugging will build the project and program the device as long as there are no build errors.