ADC Reconfiguration in Atmel | START

Reconfigure the project in Atmel | START:
  1. 1.Select the project by right-clicking the ADC_Training project in the Solution Explorer window from the previous assignment.
  2. 2.Reconfigure the project by clicking the Re-Configure Atmel Start Project option in the menu, the same way as described in the previous assignment.
  3. 3.Reconfigure the ADC module by clicking the ADC component in the Atmel | START window and then configuring it as shown with red markings in Figure 1.
    Figure 1. ADC Reconfiguration in START
    1. 3.1.Select Drivers:ADC:Window for window compare mode drivers in the driver column.
    2. 3.2.Unselect the checkbox for the RESRDY: Result Ready Interrupt Enable field.
    3. 3.3.Select the checkbox for the WCMP: Window Comparator Interrupt Enable field as it now replaces the just unselected RESRDY interrupt.
    4. 3.4.Select Below Window from the WINCM: Window Comparator Mode drop-down menu.
    5. 3.5.Enter 80 (0x50 hexadecimal value) in the WINHT: Window Comparator Low Threshold field.
  4. 4.Regenerate the project by clicking the GENERATE PROJECT button at the bottom of the window.
    Info: The project summary window should appear as shown in Figure 2.
    Figure 2. Project Code Regenerated
  5. 5.For driver_isr.c, click View Diff to see the difference between the previous and the newly generated project as shown in Figure 3. The ADC interrupt routine needs to be updated.
    Figure 3. Driver_isr.c View Diff
  6. 6.Update the project by clicking the OK button.
    Info: The main.c and driver_isr.c are not selected and need to be manually updated afterward.
Result: The Atmel | START project has been regenerated in Atmel Studio.