Wake-Up Time

Wake-up time from sleep mode is measured from the edge of the wake-up signal to the first instruction executed.

Operating conditions:
Table 1. Start-up, Reset, and Wake-Up Time from OSC20M
Mode Description Condition Min. Typ. Max. Unit
Start-up Start-up time from power-up   - 200 TBD µs
RESET Start-up time from Reset release   - 200 TBD
Idle Wake-up from Idle mode OSC20M @ 20MHz; VDD=5V - 1 TBD
OSC20M @ 10MHz; VDD=3V - 2 TBD
OSC20M @ 5MHz; VDD=2V - 4 TBD
Standby Wake-up from Standby mode   - 10 TBD
Power Down Wake-up from Power Down mode   - 10 TBD