Window Comparator Mode

The ADC can raise the WCOMP flag in the Interrupt and Flag register (ADC.INTFLAG) and request an interrupt (WCOMP) when the result of a conversion is above and/or below certain thresholds. The available modes are:

The thresholds are defined by writing to the Window Comparator Threshold registers (ADC.WINLT and ADC.WINHT). Writing to the Window Comparator Mode bit field (WINCM) in the Control E register (ADC.CTRLE) selects the conditions when the flag is raised and/or the interrupt is requested.

Assuming the ADC is already configured to run, follow these steps to use the Window Comparator Mode:
  1. 1.Choose which Window Comparator to use (see WINCM description in ADC.CTRLE), and set the required threshold(s) by writing to ADC.WINLT and/or ADC.WINHT.
  2. 2.Optional: enable the interrupt request by writing a '1' to the Window Comparator Interrupt Enable bit (WCOMP) in the Interrupt Control register (ADC.INTCTRL)
  3. 3.Enable the Window Comparator and select a mode by writing a non-zero value to the WINCM bit field in ADC.CTRLE.

When accumulating multiple samples, the comparison between the result and the threshold will happen after the last sample was acquired. Consequently, the flag is only raised once, after taking the last sample of the accumulation.