Class B

Modern appliances are mostly electronically controlled. Electronic controls enable higher efficiencies, additional functionality, and improved user experience. But what happens if something goes wrong? IEC 60730 addresses the safety of electronic controls in appliances. This standard is also referred to by other standards for safety-critical devices, for example, IEC 60335. Currently, IEC 60730 is mandatory for appliances sold in Europe.

IEC 60730 Annex H defines three classes of control software for appliances:

For an appliance to comply with the Class B requirements, the control software must detect and handle faults for system components. For a customer wishing to certify a product following Class B requirements, Microchip offers a Class B library for tinyAVR® 1-series. This library implements the tests needed to comply with Class B and can reduce development time and certification cost.

Tests are done on CPU registers, program counter, frequency, CRC, interrupt handling and execution, clock, SRAM, Flash, EEPROM, and peripherals such as ADC, DAC, and WDT.

For more information, refer to Guide to IEC 60730 Class B Compliance with tinyAVR® 1-series.