Safety Recommendations

The demonstration board is intended for further engineering, development, demonstration or evaluation purposes only and is not for commercial use. Therefore, the demonstration board is not fault tolerant and is not designed or manufactured with protective considerations, including but not limited to product safety measures typically found in finished commercial goods.

The board can be powered directly from mains grid (90 - 264 Vac), which can cause PERSONAL INJURY, DEATH OR PHYSICAL DAMAGE. Therefore, exercise caution when testing these devices. The user must be a skilled person1 in the practice and art of high voltage circuitry in order to utilize the circuits in the board. It is highly recommended that the user have qualifications or be certified for handling AC power; COMMON SENSE IS ENCOURAGED. The user agrees not to use the board in any situation where damage or injury to persons, property or business could occur. Furthermore, the board is NOT FOR RESALE/COMMERCIAL USE AND MUST BE STRICTLY OPERATED IN A WELL-CONTROLLED LABORATORY ENVIRONMENTS.

  1. 1.According to EN 62368-1, a skilled person is a term applied to persons who have training or experience in the equipment technology, particularly in knowing the various energies and energy magnitudes used in the equipment. Skilled persons are expected to use their training and experience to recognize energy sources capable of causing pain or injury and to take action for protection from injury from those energies. Skilled persons must also be protected against unintentional contact or exposure to energy sources capable of causing injury.
DANGER: Not all the board is isolated from mains. To avoid damage to instruments, do not connect any probe (i.e., debugger, oscilloscopes) to the non-isolated area of the board when the board is connected to mains.

The mains signal is identified in the enclosure with the symbol: .

Warning: To avoid user access to dangerous parts, PIC32CXMTSH-DB must always be used within its enclosure. USB and Pulse Outputs connectors are accessible without electrical shock risk due to the provided optical isolation.
Warning: If supplying the board via an external DC source, the socket outlet must be easily accessible.

For any hardware components and/or jumper configuration changes, the board must be switched off and disconnected from the electrical network.

Attention: Be wary of the AC/DC Flyback power supply as it keeps its mains voltage charge for some time after disconnection from the mains grid. Also, notice that this board does not have any switch on the mains connection to turn it on or off.

The board must not be subjected to high electrostatic potentials.

Tip: It is strongly recommended that a grounding strap or similar ESD protective device be used when handling the board in hostile ESD environments (offices with synthetic carpet, for example). Avoid touching the component pins or any other metallic element on the board.
This board can be used with coin batteries, which are highly contaminating products. Used batteries must always be recycled or safely treated and disposed.
Important: Microchip does not assume any responsibility for the consequences arising from any improper use of this board.