mikroBUS Socket

The PIC32CXMTSH-DB hosts a mikroBUS socket (J21). The mikroBUS standard defines the main board sockets and add-on boards used for interfacing the microprocessor with integrated modules featuring a proprietary pin configuration. For details, refer to the mikroBUS documentation on standard specification.
Figure 1. mikroBUS Interface Schematic
Table 1. mikroBUS Connector Pin Assignment
Pin No Signal PIO Pin No Signal PIO
1 AN PA31 16 PWM PD16
2 RST PB26 15 INT PB25
3 CS PC6 14 RX PC17
4 SCK PC7 13 TX PC16
5 MISO PC8 12 SCL PC20
6 MOSI PC9 11 SDA PC21
7 +3.3V 3V3 10 +5V 5V
Important: R120 and R134 are assembled, and, therefore, the pin PD16 is shared in both Xplained PRO and mikroBUS interfaces.
Warning: The mikroBUS connector is not isolated from mains.

The mikroBUS connector allows for the connection of a wide range of modules for communications, sensoring or power management applications out of the main scope for this board.