Jumper Configuration

The following table describes the functionality of the jumpers.
Table 1. Jumper Configuration
Jumper Label Default Setting Function
J4 3V3 Closed 3.3V current measurement
J5 5V Closed 5V current measurement
J6 SHDN Open To enable 3.3V and 5V converters despite SHDN command
J7 BACK-UP Closed 3V3_BACK-UP current measurement
J8 VDDOUT Closed VDDOUT current measurement
J9 VREFP Selection Closed VREFP selection between internal or external voltage reference.
  • Opened = Internal voltage reference1
  • Closed = External voltage reference
J15 ERASE Open Erase pin configuration
  1. 1.
    Warning: If the ADC is configured (via SW) to use the internal voltage regulator as positive reference (VREFP), the jumper must be removed to avoid a short circuit.