Isolated UART to USB Interface

The PIC32CXMTSH-DB features an isolated UART-to-USB bridge by means of a micro-USB type B connector (J12). This MCP2200 device is used to convert the UART signal to USB levels to ease PC connectivity (USB 2.0, full speed) for debugging purposes or to communicate with the application. For more information, refer to the MCP2200 Data Sheet.

Important: For the proper function of the MCP2200, an initial configuration was achieved for this board design: Enable TX/RX LEDs and invert UART polarity (UPOL). MCP2200 was configured using the configuration utility tool or the DLL provided in the MCP2200 webpage. No further action by the user is required.

There are two blue LEDs that show the USB activity (D16 shows RX messages and D18 shows TX messages).

A high-speed optocoupler provides the isolation between the board connected to mains and the USB host.
Figure 1. Debug UART over USB Circuit
Tip: The drivers necessary to download depending on your Operating System are located here: MCP2221 Windows Driver.