Adding Support for New Devices

To add support for a new device, it is necessary to add appropriate definitions for the device to the all.asm file. The "#ifdef #endif" block for an old device can be copied, pasted, and edited in the all.asm file to adapt it to the new device's characteristics. The checklist below can be used when adapting a file to a new device. The checklist uses the ATmega8535 as an example:

Copy the "#ifdef #endif" block for a pin and feature compatible device.

The ATmega8535 is pin compatible with the ATmega16, though the ATmega8535 has no JTAG interface. The "#ifdef _M16DEF_INC #endif" block in all.asm is copied and renamed "#ifdef _M8535DEF_INC #endif”.

Change the oscillator version to match the oscillator version of the new device.

Verify that it assembles correctly. If it does not, this is most likely due to changed register or bit names of ports, pins, or timers. ATtiny13 is implemented as a reassignment of ATtiny12, and can be used as a reference for reassigning names.