Revision History

Doc. Rev. Date Comments
B 06/2018
  • Added device support for ATtiny3216 and ATtiny3217.
  • Added kit support for ATtiny416 Xplained Nano and ATtiny3217 Xplained Pro
  • Fixed bug in ATtiny817 Xplained Mini example.
A 08/2017
  • Microchip DS00002503 Rev. A. replaces Atmel AVR42781 Rev. A.
  • Renamed from AVR42781: Getting Started With ATtiny417/814/816/817 to Getting Started with tinyAVR 1-series, and restructured the document in order to cover more devices.
  • Added device support for ATtiny1614, ATtiny1616, and ATtiny1617.
42781A 09/2016 Initial document release.