Configure the 24-MHz Generation Script

You can test the presence of the 24-MHz clock by redirecting the clock to an external GPIO. Two actions are possible, depending on the customer application:

Before it is run, the script must be adapted to the selected customer UART console.

One of the following files must be updated as required by the Customer UART Console Configuration:

Both files are available in the folder "%DIR_PATH%\SOFTWARE\". They must be updated according to requirements as follows:

  1. 1.Open the file "SAM9X60D1G_24MHz_PCK0_Generation.bat" or "SAM9X60D1G_24MHz_PCK1_Generation.bat" using a text editor.
  2. 2.On line 20, add the comment "rem" at the beginning of the line. This selection is the default configuration and must be commented out to enable the case.
  3. 3.Remove the comment "rem" on the line with the selected FLEXCOM/IOSET.
  4. 4.Save and close the file. No compilation is required.