Firmware Release History

Table 1. Public Firmware Revisions
Firmware Version (decimal) Date Relevant Changes
1.41 October 2019

Added support for UPDI devices (tinyX devices) with more than 64 KB flash

1.36 29.09.2016

Added support for UPDI interface (tinyX devices).

Made USB endpoint size configurable.

1.28 27.05.2015

Added support for SPI and USART DGI interfaces.

Improved SWD speed.

Minor bug fixes.

1.22 03.10.2014

Added code profiling.

Fixed issue related to JTAG daisy-chains with more than 64 instruction bits.

Fix for Arm reset extension.

Fixed target power led issue.

1.13 08.04.2014

JTAG clock frequency fix.

Fix for debugWIRE with long SUT.

Fixed oscillator calibration command.

1.09 12.02.2014

First release of Atmel-ICE.