Connecting to Data Gateway Interface

The Atmel-ICE supports a limited Data Gateway Interface (DGI) when debugging and programming is not in use. Functionality is identical to that found on Microchip Xplained Pro kits powered by the Microchip EDBG device.

The Data Gateway Interface is an interface for streaming data from the target device to a computer. This is meant as an aid in application debugging as well as for a demonstration of features in the application running on the target device.

DGI consists of multiple channels for data streaming. The Atmel-ICE supports the following modes:

Table 2. Atmel-ICE DGI SPI Pinout
AVR Port SAM Port DGI SPI Pin Description
1 4 SCK SPI clock
3 6 MISO Master In Slave Out
4 1 VTG Target voltage (reference voltage)
5 2 nCS Chip select active low
9 8 MOSI Master Out Slave In
2, 10 3, 5, 9 GND Ground
Important: SPI and USART interfaces cannot be used simultaneously.
Important: DGI and programming or debugging cannot be used simultaneously.