Programming Port Locks

Several user lock bits are available to block access to programming through specific programming ports. These lock bits include:

Table 1. Locks to Disable Programming Interfaces
Lock Function when Active Description
Disable Auto Programming and IAP Services This lock disables Auto Programming, Auto Update, IAP Services, and Programming Recovery. SPI initialization functionality is not affected. FlashLock/UPK1 unlocking is only available for JTAG and SPI Slave interfaces.
Disable JTAG This lock completely disables the JTAG interface. If the device is part of a serial JTAG chain, the chain is broken. The JTAG pins themselves remain active but the TAP controller does not respond to activity on these pins.
Disable SPI Slave This lock completely disables the SPI slave interface. Any activity on the SPI pins is ignored.

In the Configure Security Wizard, click Update policy to apply the programming port locks, as shown in the following figure.

Figure 1. Protect Programming Interfaces in the Libero SoC Software