Cryptoprocessor Streaming Interface (For PolarFire SoC FPGA Only)

The Cryptoprocessor streaming interface comprises of unidirectional data input and output ports and associated handshakes for direct data transfer operations between Cryptoprocessor and fabric logic. The streaming interface can be used to load operands and/or store results as shown in the following figure. The streaming interface can be enabled in MSS, Shared-MSS and Shared-Fabric modes.

Figure 1. Cryptoprocessor Streaming Interface Use Case

The streaming interface is synchronous to the CRYPTO_HCLK. The Crypto streaming interface signals are listed in the following table.

Table 1. Cryptoprocessor Streaming Interface
Port Name Direction Description
CRYPTO_XWDATA_F2M Input Transfer in data
CRYPTO_XWADDR_M2F Output Transfer in data address output
CRYPTO_XENABLE_F2M Input Transfer in data request
CRYPTO_XINACCEPT_M2F Output Transfer in data accept
CRYPTO_XRDATA_M2F Output Transfer out data
CRYPTO_XRADDR_M2F Output Transfer out data address output
CRYPTO_XVALIDOUT_M2F Output Transfer out data valid output
CRYPTO_XOUTACK_F2M Input Transfer out data acknowledgment

The Cryptoprocessor must be clocked from the fabric for using Crypto streaming interface. The direct transfers are performed when commanded by the direct transfer instructions—DXI: Direct Transfer Block In, and DXO: Direct Transfer Block Out—through AHB slave interface.