SRAM Physically Unclonable Function (SRAM-PUF)

The devices integrate Quiddikey-Flex IP licensed from Intrinsic-ID, a secure key management solution based on SRAM Physically Unclonable Function (SRAM-PUF) technology. The SRAM-PUF can be used for secure key generation and storage as well as for a source of randomness.

Keys that are derived from the SRAM-PUF are not stored 'on the chip' but they are extracted 'from the chip', only when they are needed. In that way, they are only present in the chip during a very short time window. When the SRAM is not powered on, there is no key present on the chip making the solution very secure.

The system controller can extract two PUF master secret keys from the device using Quiddikey-Flex IP. One PUF master secret key is used for wrapping design security keys, and the second is used for the secure non-volatile memory (sNVM) encryption and authentication features. The SRAM-PUF functionality is provided to the user through the sNVM encryption/authentication mechanism. The sNVM is intended to provide a highly secure storage for the user to store application keys and other sensitive data in authenticated plaintext or authenticated ciphertext form using SRAM-PUF technology. For more information, see Secure Non-Volatile Memory (sNVM) section.