This application note includes a source code package with a basic Clock System driver implemented in C. It is written for the IAR Embedded Workbench® compiler.

Note: This Clock System driver is not intended for use with high-performance code. It is designed as a library to get started with the XMEGA Clock System. For timing and code space critical application development, you should access the Clock System registers directly. Refer to the driver source code and device datasheet for more details.


The source code package consists of three files:

For a complete overview of the available driver interface functions and their use, refer to the source code documentation.

Doxygen Documentation

All source code is prepared for automatic documentation generation using Doxygen. Doxygen is a tool for generating documentation from source code by analyzing the source code and using special keywords. For more details about Doxygen, visit http://www.doxygen.org. Precompiled Doxygen documentation is also supplied with the source code accompanying this application note, available from the readme.html file in the source code folder.