Find MDB Documentation

The MDB supporting documentation are automatically installed with the MPLAB X IDE. There are several ways to access MDB documentation: (1) through the MDB utility, (2) through the MPLAB X IDE, and (3) through the installation directory on your computer.
  1. 1.After invoking the MDB (see Invoking the MDB), type help doc. This command displays the instructions on where to locate MDB documentation.
  2. 2.After launching MPLAB X IDE, click the Learn & Discover tab, then in the Getting Started area, the icon labeled Users Guide & Release Notes. A new window opens with a list of User’s Guides, Release Notes and Support Documentation. Locate the links to the MDB User’s Guide, MDB Help and Readme for MDB.
  3. 3.To find documentation on your computer, the MDB User’s Guide (filename MDBUserGuide.pdf) can be found in the default location where the MPLAB X IDE was installed:

    Program Files (x86)\Microchip\MPLABX\vx.xx\docs

    The online help is located at where you can search for “Microchip Debugger.”

    The Readme for MDB.htm contains the latest release notes.