Command Line Parameters

Before invoking the MDB, you may want to set certain command line options and arguments.

To view the options, type mdb --help in the Command Prompt. This only displays help information (refer to the table below) for the command line parameters (options and arguments) and then exits MDB. To find documentation about the MDB, such as online help, user’s guide (PDF) or the Readme for MDB, type help doc. This command displays the instructions on where to locate MDB documentation.

To set any parameters, use the following format in the Command Prompt (put a space between the entries as shown):

mdb [options] [commandFile]

You can use these commands to pass a command file to the MDB.

Table 1. Command Line Parameters Help
Option Meaning Examples
-h,--help Show the list of classes of commands mdb -h


mdb --help

Argument Meaning Example
commandFile Run the specified file with the MDB commands for scripting.

Also see Running a Command File Method

mdb MyScriptingFile.txt