Conventions Used in This Guide

The following documentation conventions may appear in this document:

Table 1. Documentation Conventions
Description Represents Examples
Arial font:
Italic characters Referenced books MPLAB® X IDE User’s Guide
Emphasized text the only compiler...
Initial caps A window the Output window
A dialog the Settings dialog
A menu selection select Enable Programmer
Quotes A field name in a window or dialog “Save project before build”
Underlined, italic text with right angle bracket A menu path File>Save
Bold characters A dialog button Click OK
A tab Click the Power tab
N‘Rnnnn A number in verilog format, where N is the total number of digits, R is the radix and n is a digit. 4‘b0010, 2‘hF1
Text in angle brackets < > A key on the keyboard Press <Enter>, <F1>
Courier New font:
Plain Courier New Sample source code #define START
Filenames autoexec.bat
File paths c:\mcc18\h
Keywords _asm, _endasm, static
Command-line options -Opa+, -Opa-
Bit values 0, 1
Constants 0xFF, ‘A’
Italic Courier New A variable argument file.o, where file can be any valid filename
Square brackets [ ] Optional arguments mcc18 [options] file [options]
Curly brackets and pipe 
character: { | } Choice of mutually exclusive arguments; an OR selection errorlevel {0|1}
Ellipses... Replaces repeated text var_name [, var_name...]
Represents code supplied by user void main (void)

{ ...