Recommended Reading

This user's guide describes how to use the MDB. Other useful documents are listed below. The following Microchip documents are available and recommended as supplemental reference resources.

Microchip Command-line Debugger Webinar

This webinar gives an introduction to the command-line debugger and provides useful examples. The webinar is available on Microchip’s web site:

Multi-Tool Design Advisory (DS51764)

This small document presents guidelines and implementation considerations to ensure proper interfacing to the various development tools.


This is an essential document to be used with any Microchip hardware tool.

This is an extensive help file for the MPLAB X IDE. It includes an overview of embedded systems, installation requirements, tutorials, details on creating new projects, setting build properties, debugging code, setting configuration bits, setting breakpoints, programming a device, etc. This help file is generally more up-to-date than the printable PDF of the user’s guide (DS50002027) available as a free download at

Processor Extension Pak and Header Specification (DS50001292)

This booklet describes how to install and use headers. Headers are used to better debug selected devices, without the loss of pins or resources. See also the PEP and Header online Help file.

Transition Socket Specification (DS51194)

Consult this document for information on transition sockets available for use with headers.

Release Notes for MDB

For the latest information on using the MDB, go to the MPLAB X IDE Learn & Discover tab, click the Users Guide & Release Notes icon, and locate the Readme for MDB. The release notes (readme) contain updated information and known issues that may not be included in this user’s guide.

MDB WebHelp

A comprehensive online help for the MDB is available on This help file may be more up-to-date than the printed documentation.