Slave Mode

The LIN slave mode is configured using the following settings:

The slave process will begin automatically upon the module receiving a Break over the LIN bus. At the end of the Break, the device will use the Sync byte to automatically configure the baud rate of the UART to match the master. The module will then automatically read the PID and store it in the receive FIFO. From that point on, it acts much in the same way as the Master/Slave mode example above: software must configure UxP2, UxP3, and the C0EN bit as predetermined by the PID, and will then transmit/receive the proper bytes from the transmit/receive FIFOs, as determined by the settings. The checksum is also automatically calculated on any received data, and if there is a checksum mismatch, the checksum error (CERIF) bit of UxERRIR will be set.