Software Tools

The TA100 is supported by a suite of software tools. These tools are only available under NDA. Contact Microchip to obtain an NDA and request access to the tools. Once an NDA is signed, these tools are made available in the My Secure Software section of the customer’s myMicrochip account. Enhancements, upgrades and additional tools are automatically made available to any customer that is enabled for the TA100 support.

Table 1. TA100 Software Tools
Item # Tool Name Description
1 TA100 Configurator GUI and TA100 Library The TA100 Configurator GUI provides the ability to configure and pseudo-provision TA100 devices, and to illustrate how the TA100 can be used for various applications such as Secure Boot, Device Authentication and CAN-MAC. These applications perform many cryptographic operations using the TA100 library.
2 CryptoAuthLib A flexible library implemented with a Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL) that allows the TA100 to be readily ported to other microcontrollers. The library provides commands support for the TA100 and other Microchip CryptoAuthentication™ devices significantly speeding up application development.
3 AUTOSAR™ 4.3.1 CRYPTO driver(1) CRYPTO driver specifications provide an abstraction layer to integrate an external cryptographic device, such as the TA100, into the AUTOSAR™ stack. This allows for code to be portable between various applications that use different microcontrollers.
  1. 1.For projects that use the AUTOSAR Driver, the AUTOSAR™ Reference Stack is also needed. AUTOSAR™ is an open and standardized automotive software architecture. The TA100 is integrated into 3rd party AUTOSAR™ software stacks to aid customers in the implementation of automotive applications. Contact Microchip for a list of 3rd Party AUTOSAR stack vendors that support the TA100.

Use Case Examples

Use Case examples use the TA100 Configurator GUI to demonstrate various sample applications that can be implemented using the TA100 and SAM V71 microcontroller. These sample applications come with the necessary microcontroller firmware, detailed application user guide and other documentation describing the use case in more detail. Table 2 provides some of the use case examples that are available from the myMicrochip website. Upgrades to these use case examples and additional use case examples will be provided over time via the same path.

Table 2. Use Case Examples
Item # Use Case Examples(1) Description
1 Device Authentication Provides device authentication by verifying the chain of trust using Signer and Device Certificates and a Random Challenge. Upon successful authentication, a known string is encrypted and written to a data element or read and decrypted from a data element inside the TA100.
2 Full Stored Secure Boot with Pre-Boot Secure Boot use case that, upon initial boot, calculates the digest of the firmware code and, then, stores it for faster subsequent secure boots.
3 CAN Bootloader Secure Boot use case that allows for a secure firmware upgrade via the CAN Bus using the SAMV71 microcontroller, K2L MOCCA-FD tool and PC-based GUI.
4 CAN-MAC Authentication

This use case demonstrates a mechanism to add an AES C-MAC to authenticate CAN-FD messages. This mechanism can be used to ensure data integrity and authenticity of the transmit node. TA-configurator GUI will import a CAN-database file to populate the CAN-MAC tab of the GUI. The user can use the TA-configurator GUI to select which messages need authentication, assign C-MAC keys and to configure message payload structure.

  1. 1.The listed use case examples are based on the TA100Lib and TA Configurator GUI.