Octal DDR PHY-Only Solution

Libero SoC Catalog includes the PolarFire Octal DDR PHY IP, that allows the generation of a PHY with following hard and soft blocks:

The Octal DDR PHY supports the xSPI (JESD251), HyperBUS, and ONFI memories. These memories use an 8-bit serial interface operating Double Data Rate (DDR) mode. These memories are used in applications such as the automotive semiconductor market, Industrial Ethernet, AI, Wearable device market, and IoT market. The Octal DDR PHY-Only solution supports up to 250 MHz operations and is available in GPIO and HSIO banks.

The Octal DDR PHY configurator supports up to eight shared parallel interfaces and up to two ranks per interface. The PHY relies on input static delay settings and static timing analysis for interface I/O timing closure. The interface is not intended to be a trained interface.