Fabric DDR Subsystem

The Fabric DDR subsystem is made up of the following soft and hard blocks:

The following memory interface solutions can be created as shown in the following figures:

Figure 1. Fabric DDR Subsystem
Figure 2. DDR PHY-Only Solution
Figure 3. Octal DDR PHY-Only Solution

The Fabric DDR subsystem accepts read and write commands using the AMBA Advanced Extensible Interface 4 (AXI3/4) or using a native interface. The subsystem translates the AXI interface commands for the off-chip DDR SDRAM. It can also automatically perform DDR initialization, refresh, and ZQ calibration functions.

The Fabric DDR subsystem and the PHY-Only solution can be configured using the DDR Configurator from Libero® System-on-Chip (SoC) > IP catalog. One of the two configuration modes can be selected: