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MCC Melody (like MPLAB Harmony) is a content type supported in MCC, providing Libraries, Drivers, Peripheral Libraries (PLIBs) for the development of embedded software on a range of Microchip MCUs.
Video and hands-on training to quickly get you up and running with MCC Melody and how the Getting Started Use Cases work.
This document provides information about the MCC Melody Core details instructions on using its features like the Toolbar, Easy View and Register Initialization/View.
The Libraries, Drivers and Hardware peripherals, which make up MCC Melody, are collectively referred to as components. Also what is Configuration- vs. Firmware portability.
A quick reference to a list of terms that may be unique to Microchip or MCC Melody:
The MCC Content Manager (CMT) allows users to select specific versions of the component modules and libraries to be used for their MCC projects.
Key advantages of MCC Melody over Classic.
Individual API References, by MCU family and MCC User's Guide.
MCC Installation, Plugin Options and Generating Code.