The Microchip Unified Standard Library

A library is a collection of functions, types, and preprocessor macros that are grouped for reference and ease of linking. This document describes the behavior of and interface to the functions defined by the Microchip Unified Standard Library, as well as the intended use of the library types and macros. This library is provided with all Microchip C Compilers, those being:

This library encompasses the functions defined by the standard C99 language specification headers, as well as any types and preprocessor macros needed to facilitate their use. Any additional resources permitted by the C99 language specification or additional functions and resources supplied by Microchip and which are related to the operation of the standard library are also documented.

This document groups the functions and related types and macros under the header that defines them. Not all the functions, types, and macros described are available for all compilers or for all devices. This document indicates when a resource has limited applicability or that a difference in definition is relevant in different contexts.

See your compiler's user guide for more information on compiler features referenced in this guide or the use of libraries in your project.