8-bit AVR Microcontrollers

RWW – Read-While-Write Section

If a boot loader software update is programming a page inside the RWW section, it is possible to read code from the Flash, but only code that is located in the NRWW section. During an on-going programming, the software must ensure that the RWW section is never being read. If the user software is trying to read code that is located inside the RWW section (i.e., by a call/jmp/lpm or an interrupt) during programming, the software might end up in an unknown state. To avoid this, the interrupts should either be disabled or moved to the boot loader section. The boot loader section is always located in the NRWW section. The RWW Section Busy bit (RWWSB) in the Store Program Memory Control and Status Register (SPMCSR) will be read as logical one as long as the RWW section is blocked for reading. After a programming is completed, the RWWSB must be cleared by software before reading code located in the RWW section. Refer to SPMCSR – Store Program Memory Control and Status Register in this chapter for details on how to clear RWWSB.