MEM Select Debug Service

Specifies a target fabric memory for the MEM read and MEM write services to access. A handshake mechanism is used to request access to the target memory. The memory lock can be acquired immediately allowing multiple read/write operations to perform as one logical transaction or the lock can be acquired and released by individual read/write operations.

Table 1. MEM Select Debug Service Request
System Service Descriptor Bit Field Value Description
15:7 MBOXADDR[10:2] Mailbox address. See Table 2.
6:0 74H MEM select debug service command

The following table lists the MEM Select Service mailbox format.

Table 2. MEM Select Service Mailbox Format
Offset (Byte) Offset (Bit) Length (Bits) Parameter Direction Description
0 0 3 IPBLKADDR[2:0] Input Specifies the block address of fabric memory.
0 3 6 IPSEGADDR[5:0] Input Specifies the segment address.
0 9 5 IPROWADDR[4:0] Input Specifies the row address of fabric memory to be accessed by MEM read and MEM write services.
2 0 3 MEMTYPE Input Specifies the type of fabric memory to be used for MEM read and write services.
3 0 2 MEMLOCKMODE Input Specifies the memory lock states for supported MEMLOCKMODE values.
4 0 13 TIMEOUT[12:0] Input When a lock is requested, the user design may not complete the requested handshake. To prevent the firmware from waiting indefinitely, the user must specify a timeout after which the handshake is aborted.