Fabric Services

Fabric services are used to calculate digests of non-volatile memories and program the device. The following table lists all the Fabric system services with their command values, description, and return status code.

Table 1. Fabric System Services
System Service Name SERVICECMD in Hexadecimal Description Return Status Code
Digest Check Service 47 Recalculates digests of selected non-volatile memories and compares against stored values.
  • 0: Success
  • 1: Returned if any of DIGESTERR bits are set (For PolarFire┬« SoC FPGA only)

See Table 4 for digest error codes.

In-Application Programming (IAP) Service 42, 43, 44, 45 IAP reprograms the device with a specific programming image.
  • 0: Success
  • 1: ERRORCODE (see Table 5)
Auto Update Service 46 The newest image of the first two images in the SPI directory is chosen to be programmed. See Table 5 for error codes.