EUSART Synchronous Client Transmit

The operation of the Synchronous Host and Client modes are identical (see Synchronous Host Transmission), except in the case of the Sleep mode.

If two words are written to the TXxREG and then the SLEEP instruction is executed, the following will occur:

  1. 1.The first character will immediately transfer to the TSR register and transmit.
  2. 2.The second word will remain in the TXxREG register.
  3. 3.The TXxIF bit will not be set.
  4. 4.After the first character has been shifted out of TSR, the TXxREG register will transfer the second character to the TSR and the TXxIF bit will now be set.
  5. 5.If the PEIE and TXxIE bits are set, the interrupt will wake the device from Sleep and execute the next instruction. If the GIE bit is also set, the program will call the Interrupt Service Routine.