Stop Condition Timing

A Stop condition (see Figure 1) is asserted on the SDA pin at the end of a receive/transmit by setting the Stop Condition Enable (PEN) bit. At the end of a receive/transmit, the SCL line is held low after the falling edge of the ninth clock. When the PEN bit is set, the host will assert the SDA line low. When the SDA line is sampled low, the Baud Rate Generator is reloaded and counts down to ‘0’. When the Baud Rate Generator times out, the SCL pin will be brought high and one TBRG (Baud Rate Generator rollover count) later, the SDA pin will be deasserted. When the SDA pin is sampled high while SCL is high, the P bit is set. One TBRG later, the PEN bit is cleared and the SSPxIF bit is set.
Figure 1. Stop Condition in Receive or Transmit Mode