Parameter Interrupts

The P1 and P2 parameters in each slice have interrupts that occur depending on the selected mode. The individual parameter interrupts are indicated in the PWMxGIR register and enabled by the corresponding bits in the PWMxGIE register.

A timing example is shown in Figure 2. Refer to the timing diagrams of each of the other modes for more details.

All the enabled PWMxGIR interrupts of one PMW instance are OR’d together into the PWMxIF bit in one of the PIR registers. The PWMxIF bit is read-only. When any of the PWMxGIR bits are set then the PWMxIF bit is true. All PWMxGIF flags must be reset to clear the PWMxIF bit. The PWMxIF interrupt is enabled with the PWMxIE bit in the corresponding PIE register.