Transmit Interrupt Flag

The EUSART Transmit Interrupt Flag (TXxIF) bit of the PIRx register is set whenever the EUSART transmitter is enabled and no character is being held for transmission in the TXxREG. In other words, the TXxIF bit is only cleared when the TSR is busy with a character and a new character has been queued for transmission in the TXxREG. The TXxIF flag bit is not cleared immediately upon writing TXxREG. TXxIF becomes valid in the second instruction cycle following the write execution. Polling TXxIF immediately following the TXxREG write will return invalid results. The TXxIF bit is read-only, it cannot be set or cleared by software.

The TXxIF interrupt can be enabled by setting the EUSART Transmit Interrupt Enable (TXxIE) bit of the PIEx register. However, the TXxIF flag bit will be set whenever the TXxREG is empty, regardless of the state of TXxIE enable bit.

To use interrupts when transmitting data, set the TXxIE bit only when there is more data to send. Clear the TXxIE interrupt enable bit upon writing the last character of the transmission to the TXxREG.