Configuring the Scanner

The scanner module may be used in conjunction with the CRC module to perform a CRC calculation over a range of program memory or Data EEPROM addresses. To set up the scanner to work with the CRC, perform the following steps:
  1. 1.Set up the CRC module (see the “Configuring the CRC Module” section) and enable the scanner module by setting the EN bit in the SCANCON0 register.
  2. 2.Choose the scanning mode by configuring the MD bits.
  3. 3.If Trigger mode is selected for scanner operation, select the trigger source using the TSEL bits.
  4. 4.Set the SCANLADR and SCANHADR registers with the beginning and ending locations in memory that are to be scanned.
  5. 5.Both EN and GO bits in the CRCCON0 register must be enabled to use the scanner. Setting the SGO bit will start the scanner operation.