Program Memory Organization

The enhanced mid-range core has a 15-bit Program Counter capable of addressing 32K x 14 program memory space. The table below shows the memory sizes implemented. Accessing a location above these boundaries will cause a wrap-around within the implemented memory space.

The Reset vector is at 0000h and the interrupt vector is at 0004h. Refer to the “Interrupts” chapter for more details.

Table 1. Device Sizes and Addresses
Device Program Memory Size (Words) Last Program Memory Address
PIC16F17114 4,096 0FFFh
PIC16F17115 8,192 1FFFh
PIC16F17124 4,096 0FFFh
PIC16F17125 8,192 1FFFh
PIC16F17144 4,096 0FFFh
PIC16F17145 8,192 1FFFh
Figure 1. Program Memory and Stack (PIC16F171x4)
Figure 2. Program Memory and Stack (PIC16F171x5)