Core Registers

The core registers contain the registers that directly affect the basic operation. The core registers occupy the first 12 addresses of every data memory bank. These registers are listed in the Core Registers table below.

Table 1. Core Registers
Addresses in BANKx Core Registers
x00h or x80h INDF0
x01h or x81h INDF1
x02h or x82h PCL
x03h or x83h STATUS
x04h or x84h FSR0L
x05h or x85h FSR0H
x06h or x86h FSR1L
x07h or x87h FSR1H
x08h or x88h BSR
x09h or x89h WREG
x0Ah or x8Ah PCLATH
x0Bh or x8Bh INTCON