Microchip Unique Identifier (MUI)

The PIC16F171 devices are individually encoded during final manufacturing with a Microchip Unique Identifier (MUI). The MUI cannot be erased by a Bulk Erase command or any other user-accessible means. This feature allows for manufacturing traceability of Microchip Technology devices in applications where this is required. It may also be used by the application manufacturer for a number of functions that require unverified unique identification, such as:
The MUI consists of nine program words. When taken together, these fields form a unique identifier. The MUI is stored in read-only locations, located between 8100h to 8108h in the DIA space. The DIA Table lists the addresses of the identifier words.
Important: For applications requiring verified unique identification, contact the Microchip Technology sales office to create a serialized quick turn programming option.