Exporting Pin Information from the Libero Design

  1. 1.Launch Libero and open project. For more information about how to use the System Builder wizard in the Libero design, see
  2. 2.Right-click port to change the name and click Modify Port as shown in the following figure. Change the name according to the requirement.
    Figure 1. Modifying Port Names
  3. 3.

    Check and verify all the pin names in the design. To verify the pin names, double-click I/O Constraints in the Design Flow tab as shown in the following figure.

    Figure 2. I/O Constraints

    The I/O Editor dialog lists the port names with the updated pin names as shown in the following figure. The pin names that are not modified follow the Microchip pin naming convention.


    For the I/O Editor dialog to open, the design must be synthesized and compiled.

    Figure 3. I/O Editor
  4. 4.

    To export the pin names, double-click Export Pin Report in the Design Flow tab. This report has the file extension .rpt.

    Figure 4. Exporting Pin Information from Libero

    The report is stored in the project directory. The path is: <Libero Project Directory>\designer\project\export\<project Name>_top_pinrpt_number.rpt.